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Honeypot Technique: Fast, Easy Spam Prevention

Spam is one of those things we wish didn’t exist.  It’s annoying and serves no useful purpose.  Mail inboxes filled with junk mail, websites with bogus contact form submissions, and products hit hard by fake sign ups are only a … Continue reading

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7 Best Practices For LAMP Projects

As a consultancy we’ve encountered all kinds of code.  Often times we inherit code from other teams, in which case we always make it a priority to review its style, structure, how it’s been deployed, if any frameworks were used, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10: Installing XDebug and KCacheGrind with PHP 5

After doing a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 install I spent some time re-installing some much relied on dev tools, 2 of which are XDebug and KCacheGrind. Their purpose is to add enhanced debugging and profiling capabilities to any dev environment. If … Continue reading

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PHPUnit in Kohana 2.3.4

I wanted to add unit test support to a current Kohana 2.3.4 project I’m working on.  Unfortunately, most of the posts I found on how to integrate unit testing into Kohana were for version 3.x, not 2.3.x.  The few hits … Continue reading

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