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7 Best Practices For LAMP Projects

As a consultancy we’ve encountered all kinds of code.  Often times we inherit code from other teams, in which case we always make it a priority to review its style, structure, how it’s been deployed, if any frameworks were used, … Continue reading

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NetBeans is Slow on Ubuntu 10.10 – Switch Your JDK

NetBeans can be slow, very slow.  After trying out everything on the NetBeans Performance FAQ to no avail, I finally reached the point where I decided to switch to another IDE instead of trying to manage NetBeans’ performance problems.  Before … Continue reading

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MySQL – WordPress & Avoiding unneeded Group By clauses

A client recently reached out in regard to a reproducible performance problem on their WordPress site.  The use case and conditions were as follows: Performance was fine until a change happened to the wp_posts or wp_term_relationships tables (i.e. when a … Continue reading

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MySQL – inner join vs. exists() may yield better performance

Here’s another example of why it’s always a good idea to refer to execution plans and test different query options.  Here’s a query I was running as part of some manual data work: SELECT ua.* FROM vn_user_achievements ua WHERE EXISTS … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10: Installing XDebug and KCacheGrind with PHP 5

After doing a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 install I spent some time re-installing some much relied on dev tools, 2 of which are XDebug and KCacheGrind. Their purpose is to add enhanced debugging and profiling capabilities to any dev environment. If … Continue reading

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Some Numbers Regarding Latency and Geolocation

This won’t uncover anything most people familiar with server latency already know:  latency increases as the distance to a given server increases.  This post isn’t much more than that, except that there are numbers and data attached to supplement that … Continue reading

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Enabling compression for faster web pages

If you’re familiar with Steve Souders, or use tools like YSlow or PageSpeed to optimize your sites, you probably already know that enabling compression for your web sites is a proven way to speed up response times. Even though that’s … Continue reading

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