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My iPhone 6 Review

I received my iPhone 6 last Friday.  After going through the setup and using it for a few days, I wanted to give my initial impressions, some of which I almost regret to offer. I purchased the standard iPhone 6, … Continue reading

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Heartbleed and Ubuntu 13.04: Upgrade Required

The recent Heartbleed vulnerability sent a pronounced scare throughout the tech community.  Fortunately Linux distributions were quick to deploy a patch, with companies and System Administrators following suit. However, we found ourselves in a bind when we realized 2 of … Continue reading

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Implementing Session Timeout With PHP

PHP aims to make things simple.  So you’d think something like specifying session timeout would also be simple.  Unfortunately it can be a little tricky depending on your circumstances.  For example, if you Google php session timeout, you’ll find no … Continue reading

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PHP Session Files Unexpectedly Deleted

A recent debugging session regarding session timeouts went on far longer than it needed to.   I’m going to share one aspect of it here in hopes that it saves someone (possibly hours of) debugging time.  If you’re running a … Continue reading

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Honeypot Technique: Fast, Easy Spam Prevention

Spam is one of those things we wish didn’t exist.  It’s annoying and serves no useful purpose.  Mail inboxes filled with junk mail, websites with bogus contact form submissions, and products hit hard by fake sign ups are only a … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Server: changing default shell

I love just about everything about Ubuntu Server, except that it doesn’t issue bash as the default shell for new users. It does for the root user, but not for every other user, which is a bit odd. Not a … Continue reading

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Changing hostname in postfix config

Setting a proper hostname for mail servers is a small step, but often required, especially you’re looking to do everything possible to avoid spam ratings in your email. Having recently completed a fresh install of postfix on a new mail server, … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Stuck In Full Screen Fix

If you’re a Google Chrome user you may have encountered a bug where the browser window gets stuck in full screen mode.  In such cases, hitting F-11, or clicking the Exit Full Screen link does nothing. After searching for fixes, … Continue reading

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Merging 2 WordPress Blogs Is Easy

Several months back we made the decision to merge TimePanel’s blog into our company’s blog here at  Fortunately it was a breeze thanks to native support within WordPress to do so. Here’s how we did it; hopefully this saves … Continue reading

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Using Siege and KCacheGrind to Optimize SolutionPHP’s ORM

Some time ago we posted about how to install XDebug and KCacheGrind.  I think anyone serious about PHP performance should keep those tools handy and in regular use. And it just so happens they helped us uncover a huge performance … Continue reading

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