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Implementing Session Timeout With PHP

PHP aims to make things simple.  So you’d think something like specifying session timeout would also be simple.  Unfortunately it can be a little tricky depending on your circumstances.  For example, if you Google php session timeout, you’ll find no … Continue reading

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PHP Session Files Unexpectedly Deleted

A recent debugging session regarding session timeouts went on far longer than it needed to.   I’m going to share one aspect of it here in hopes that it saves someone (possibly hours of) debugging time.  If you’re running a … Continue reading

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View All MySQL Processes

I was recently debugging a long running database query. In most cases MySQL’s Slow Query Log is a great debugging tool for that. However, in this case I found MySQL’s show processlist to be a better fit. What show processlist … Continue reading

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Honeypot Technique: Fast, Easy Spam Prevention

Spam is one of those things we wish didn’t exist.  It’s annoying and serves no useful purpose.  Mail inboxes filled with junk mail, websites with bogus contact form submissions, and products hit hard by fake sign ups are only a … Continue reading

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